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WachTime Digital Subscription

We recommend the “Digital Subscription” version if you’ve completely switched your reading habits to your tablet. You’ll be able to read all issues of WatchTime on your tablet (iPad or Android) and also have free access to our online archive for the duration of your subscription. This includes all issues that have already appeared back to the year 2000!


For the duration of your subscription, the WatchTime Digital Subscription includes access to our archive with WatchTime issues back to the year 2000. Login into our shop or the WatchTime App and read WatchTime on your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, or Android smartphone, whereever you are! You can activate up to three devices with one subscription and download up to 100 issues to your device during the duration of your subscription.

You’ll never again miss a profile, a watch test, or any other feature, because you’ll always be able to catch up and read everything whenever you want. For example, suppose you’re planning to buy a new watch, but you’d like to get detailed information about the model before you buy it. No problem: your “All Access” privileges entitle you to find all the information you need by browsing through our archive and viewing its contents on your iPad or Android device. From Omega and Rolex to IWC and Patek Philippe, to Seiko and Citizen, we cover all brands in all price points that interest our readers, whom we provide with the necessary information for informed discussions and well-planned purchasing decisions. 

The subscriber automatic renewal feature: Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your subscription's term unless you request otherwise. Two month before each new subscription term, you will receive a reminder notice highlighting the new renewal rate. If you do nothing your credit card will be charged or you will receive an invoice for another subscription term. You may cancel at any time by calling customer service (Toll-FREE in the U.S. and Canada) 1-888-289-0038. For other customer service inquires please e-mail to

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