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WatchTime December 2006


  • SPORTS WATCH SHOWCASE 2006 By Jens Koch and Norma Buchanan | Our in-depth roundup gives you the lowdown on watches for diving, piloting, yachting, running, auto racing, and every physical endeavor in between (even polar exploring). Savor this luxurious lineup of over 30 distinctive timepieces for the active lifestyle.


  • AN ELEGANT GIANT By Alexander Linz | Chopard’s newest entry into the over-40-mm club, the Gran Turismo Mille Miglia XL, combines sporty elegance with power and accuracy.
  • THE CALL OF THE MOUNTAINS By Alexander Linz | Originally founded in 1883, the modern Alpina offers quality at attractive prices. We put the brand’s rugged watch for mountain climbers, the Avalanche Extreme Régulateur, to the test.
  • THE BEZEL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA 182 By Leon Berger and Alexander Linz | The Eberhard Scafodat joins the growing group of watches designed for very deep dives. WatchTime put it through its paces both in the atelier and beneath the waves.
  • MASTERPIECE THEATRE By Jens Koch | Maurice Lacroix decided on a difficult-to-build chronograph for its first manufacture caliber. The movement makes its debut in the new Masterpiece Le Chronographe.
  • STRAIGHT TO THE HEART By Alexander Linz | Highlighting the escapement is a trademark of Frédérique Constant’s Heart Beat collection. Aside from the visual treat, how well does its new self-winding manufacture Caliber FC-930 work?


  • THE WATCHTIME GENTLEMEN'S GIFT GUIDE By Mark Bernardo | A dozen excellent items uniquely suited to bring smiles to the faces of watch connoisseurs and all other men of discriminating taste.
  • THE LONG ROAD TO LUXURY By Lucient F. Treub | Zenith's legendary El Primero chronograph caliber is today the foundation for a diverse and growing family of movements, and the key to Zenith's rebirth as a luxury brand.
  • THE ART OF FINE ADJUSTMENT By Gisbert L. Brunner | A watch movement uses one of two different balance spring systems: the widely used index and the increasingly popular freely oscillating type. Experts weigh in on their preference.
  • THE LINDBERGH FLIES AGAIN By Norma Buchanan | The Spirit of St. Louis lives on in Longines’s Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch, a new replica that’s just as big as the speedometer-sized original.
  • CONNOISSEURS: WHEELER DEALER By Ed Kiersh | A dedicated competitor on the track as well as in the boardroom, financial tech wizard and amateur racecar driver Mark Herrington strives for the best in the world of fine watches.
  • FRESH FROM THE FACTORY By Lucien F. Treub | WatchTime's movement guru puts new base calibers from eight of Europe’s leading movement manufacturers under the microscope.
  • THE GENTA TOUCH By Lucien F. Treub | Royal Oak, Bulgari-Bulgari, and Nautilus all have one thing in common: each sprang from the creative mind of Gérald Genta, who continues to write new chapters in watch design history.
  • A VIEW OF THE FINNISH LINE By Lucien F. Treub | Originally a compass maker for athletes in Finland, Suunto didn’t set out to become a watch manufacturer. Nevertheless, its versatile “wrist computers” have a devoted following among watch lovers.
  • CLOCKWORK ORANGE | No longer restricted to a few divers’ watches, the color orange is enjoying widespread popularity among wristwatch connoisseurs, as evidenced by this stunning photo spread.
  • GOLDEN BOY By Mark Bernardo | Mark Steines, the affable co-host of “Entertainment Tonight” and host of “Gold Rush,” is a recent devotee to the appreciation of fine timepieces — and an astute observer of Hollywood watch trends.
  • EBEL'S NEW STAR: CALIBER By Joe Thompson | Ebel's new owners have bolstered the brand’s long-neglected men’s watch business with 1911 BTR, a new collection containing only Ebel proprietary movements.
  • FROM ETERNA TO ÉBAUCHES TO ETA By Gisbert L. Brunner | Throughout its long history, ETA SA has survived – and often shaped – the turbulent times that have beset the Swiss watch industry in the 20th century.
  • FACE TO FACE: STARTING OVER By Ed Kiersh | Lifelong winemaker Michael Mondavi understands the precious nature of time — and marks it with a watch that’s a link to his adventurous past. Can you pick which one it is?


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