WatchTime December 2016

WatchTime's December issue 2016. Omega Mega Review Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer. Patek Philippe: Behind the Dials, A. Lange & Söhne: Test Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase Lumen


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WatchTime December 2016:
WatchTime December 2016: Publisher’s Letter: Sara Orlando Editor's Letter: Roger Ruegger Contents Contents Review Omega Constellation Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer


  • MEGA STRESS TEST By Martina Richter | Omega’s Constellation Globemaster Co-Axial Master Chronometer can resist magnetic fields up to 15,000 gauss, as its METAS certification requires. But can it stand up to the 70,000 gauss of a state-of-the art MRI scanner?


  • NIGHT TIME By Jens Koch | The Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase Lumen offers views of its movement through its semitransparent dial but the real show starts at night.


  • THREE TAKE THE PLUNGE By Martina Richter | We subject dive watches from Doxa, Seiko and TAG Heuer to the rigors of training with emergency response rescue divers. Were the watches up to the challenge?
  • RESCUE READY By Martina Richter | Dive watches from Breitling, Mido, Oris and Sinn go under water with emergency response rescue divers who are practicing saving lives. How well did the watches survive the ordeal?
  • FOUR DEEP-SEA DIVERS By Alexander Krupp | These extreme divers’ watches are reliable companions for adventurers who explore the darkness under the sea.
  • BUILT FOR ADVENTURE By Jens Koch | If you want to climb mountains, explore caverns, or undergo underwater ordeals, these watches will blithely master such extreme situations. But their attributes can also be useful in everyday life.
  • BAVARIAN BLUE By Roger Ruegger | A review of the UTS 1000M V2 divers’ watch made in Germany with a blue dial and a 42-mm stainless-steel case


  • TIME FOR HER An array of the latest women’s watches for holiday gift-giving
  • FOR THE RECORD By Roger Ruegger | Since 2010, Richard Mille has been breaking records on the wrists of the athletes it sponsors. We look at some of the recent achievements and the watches worn.
  • A SENSE OF TIME By Melissa Gössling | An oil-filled display system, micromagnets and a modified ETA movement create a technically demanding watch by Ressence that offers a fascinating optical illusion.
  • A QUARTER-CENTURY AND COUNTING By Norma Buchanan | François-Paul Journe toasts his 25 years making wristwatches with a trip down memory lane.
  • THE SOUND OF INNOVATION By Nitin Nair | Panerai unveiled its most complicated watch this spring, a minute repeater capable of chiming both home and local time.
  • MAN OF AUCTION By Norma Buchanan | The rise of John Reardon, Christie’s international watch chief
  • CHRISTOPHER WARD: A BRAND IS GROWING UP By Roger Ruegger | For more than a decade, the English newcomer brand has offered its watches exclusively via direct online sales. But following its merger with Synergies Horlogères of Bienne in 2014, Christopher Ward embarked on new paths, including its own in-house movement and modules.
  • THE PERFECT FACE By Alexander Krupp | Patek Philippe employs artisans who have mastered every specialty in the art of watchmaking, including dial making at the brand’s subsidiary, Cadrans Fluckiger in Saint-Imier.
  • SHINE ON By Melissa Gössling | Not all that glitters is (solid) gold. Electroplating and PVD technologies are commonly used to coat or plate watch cases, bracelets and movement components to enhance aesthetics or function.


  • ON WATCHTIME.COMA glimpse at what’s on our site to keep you up to date on the latest watch news
  • WORLD OF WATCHTIME See the global reach of WatchTime and its partners.
  • READERS’ FORUM Comments on our pilots’ watch chronology, the prices of the watches we cover, and more
  • WATCHTALK Swiss watch exports, Vianney Halter’s Gaïa Prize, the Nautilus turns 40, and more
  • WATCH QUIZ Test your knowledge of quality certificates.
  • FACETIME A photo mélange of readers and their watches
  • LAST MINUTE Have independent components makers gotten a new lease on life?

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