WatchTime Apr 2012

The Rolex Submariner has been around for nearly 60 years, with only minor changes to its design. How does this pioneering divers’ watch stand up to testing today?


Bell & Ross, Breitling, Hublot, Rolex, Schaumburg Watch, Seiko, Zenith


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WatchTime April 2012
WatchTime April 2012


  • DIVING MASTER The Rolex Submariner has been with us for almost 60 years with only minor changes to its design. How does this pioneering divers&rsquo, watch stand up to testing today?
  • DIVERS’ CHOICE A look at the various models of the Rolex Submariner series
  • UNDER THE SEA The story of the world’s most popular dive watch


  • ERGONOMIC THEORY We test the Schaumburg Conceptum, an affordable German-made model that strives for Bauhaus simplicity in its dial and ergonomic comfort in its case.
  • POWER PLAY With the launch of its Unico movement, Hublot became a manufacture. We see how the Unico performs in the brand’s King Power Unico All Black watch.
  • READY FOR TAKEOFF We sent nine pilots’ watches into the skies to see how they’d fare during a stomach-wrenching series of aerobatic stunts.


  • SAVORING THE SWEET SPOT With sales at record highs thanks to Asia, and no competition other than each other, Swiss luxury watch brands are leading a charmed life.
  • THE NEW WATCHES A portfolio of watches introduced at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie and the satellite shows in Geneva.


  • SEIKO’S GRAND PLAN For 50 years, to get a Grand Seiko, you had to go to Japan. Not anymore.
  • THE CURIOUS CASE OF CHANEL WATCH Not a fashion brand, nor a traditional mechanical brand, nor a women’s jewelry brand, Chanel is something else entirely. But what?
  • BACK IS BEAUTIFUL 5 WatchTime presents its latest gallery of luxury mechanical watches whose exhibition casebacks are as eye-catching as their dials.


  • WATCHTALK Swatch Group gets the green light to begin restricting movements; Biver steps down as Hublot CEO; new watches from Speake-Marin and van der Klaauw; and more
  • WATCH QUIZ Match the actor/movie with the watch he or she wears in the film.
  • FINE CARS With the new GS 350, Lexus may again change the luxury car business.
  • FINE PENS The Conklin Crescent still leaves no expletives to delete.
  • FINE SPIRITS Irish whiskeys aim for connoisseurs with new super-premium bottlings.
  • FINE CIGARS A friendly father-son competition produces a sublime line of premium cigars.
  • FACE TIME A photo mélange of readers and their watches
  • LAST MINUTE A reporter’s notebook: SIHH

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