WatchTime E-Special: Divers

We asked real divers to test seven divers' watches — including an Omega, TAG Heuer and Oris — and find out how they perform under water.


Doxa, Omega, Oris, TAG Heuer


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WatchTime E-Special Divers

WatchTime E-Special: Divers

This special tablet reprint contains two articles reviewing a total of seven dive watches. Both articles describe how the watches performed when a professional diver wore them under water. The divers assessed the watches for their comfort, legibility, and ease of use, addressing such questions as whether their rotating bezels turned with the right amount of resistance and their straps were long enough to fit over a wetsuit. The articles also provide bullet-point synopses of the watches’ benefits and drawbacks and give the results of the watches’ rate tests on a Witschi timing machine. The first review, “Splash of the Titans,” appeared in WatchTime’s June 2011 issue and the second, “3 Deep,” in the WT December 2011 issue. Both are reproduced here as they originally appeared.


We asked a real diver to test four divers’ watches – from Cuervo y Sobrinos, TAG Heuer, Oris and Doxa – and find out how they perform under water.


A professional diver helped us test a trio of distinctively designed divers’ watches from Buran, Omega and Porsche Design in their intended element.

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